Learn to surf, kitesurf or stand-up

Maracaípe Beach (also called “Maraca”) is one of the places to surf in Brazil most recognized in addition to being a paradise surrounded by almost untouched nature.

Why are these beaches so special?

The waves on the shores of Maracaipe are some of the best in Pernambuco for surfers. For many years, this beach has been an important site for Brazilian surfing championships, which is why it is visited by so many different athletes from around the world.

The surfing spirit

This style of life… beach, surf and tranquility, is the spirit of the people from Maracaipe and their “ila de todos os Santos” village that encircles the beach and is inhabited almost exclusively by natives. During the week, it is a very calm and relaxing place. In contrast, during the weekend, lots of young people, normally from neighbouring Recife, flock to the beach to spend their free time surfing, listening to live music and visiting in the surrounding bars and restaurants with friends.

During the evenings, however, few of the bars remain open. “El Forro de Maracaipe” is really the only place for locals to get together when the sun goes down. At 50 metres along the beach is one of the Surfing schools and they specialize in teaching all ages to enjoy this great sport. Safety is foremost. It is great to see children from the ages of 5 up on surfboards. Boards are also available to hire.