Each tour can accommodate up to 4 people, who are always accompanied by a driver/tour guide, and in general the last for about 3 hours in order to cover the following basic itinerary:

Within the 3 hour timeframe, you will be able to visit the following beaches:

  • Muro Alto
  • Cupe
  • Porto de Galinhas Central
  • Maracaípe
  • Pontal de Maracaípe

Throughout the tour, it is possible to spend some time on the beach in order to enjoy the sunshine or take part in some of the sporting activities that each place has to offer. Before you set off on your tour, make sure that you have packed a camera, sun-protection and, if possible, a hat, because most of the buggies do not have a roof and the sun in Porto de Galinhas is very strong.

Who should you reserve your buggy tour with?

Even though it is possible to join in with a buggy tour in any part of the city centre in Porto de Galinhas, much of the time, and more than ever during the high season, it is a good idea to reserve your tour in advance in order to avoid paying higher prices.

Also, it is a really good idea to ensure that when you reserve your tour you ask your guide to pass by the Beach house beforehand to collect you and drop you back at the end of the day too.

Alternative Tours

It is also possible to experience other kinds of buggy tours in Porto de Galinhas and the surrounding areas, including the beaches at Serrambi, Cacimbas and Toquinho.

Why hire a buggy or a car?

For those people who really want to fully experience Porto de Galinhas under their own schedule and come and go as they please, it is a really good idea to hire a buggy independently.

In order to do this, you will need to provide your valid driving licence and many companies request the details of your credit card as a form of guarantee. There a various companies in the city centre from whom you can hire a buggy, but we do recommend that you choose a company who actually has a trading office in the centre, if you choose to make a hire of this kind.

In this respect, the hire of a buggy is the better option for most people who do not intend to visit other areas outside of Porto de Galinhas, because Porto de Galinhas is relatively small, many of the streets are constructed from sand and a buggy gets around in this environment much better than a car does.

However, if you plan on driving to neighbouring towns of cities in the region, such as Recife or Olinda, the hire of a car instead of a buggy is going to be much more useful. A car will offer you both better security and more comfort when travelling along longer distances.

What about discounts?

Good news… all readers of Enter Porto de Galinhas can access a 10% discount on all of the tours discussed in this short post.

This discount actually applies to anyone wishing to follow the highlighted tours, whether you decide to reserve a place on a tour or whether you wish to hire your own vehicle and make the trips independently under your own steam. In order to access the discount, you need to explain the kind of tour you wish to make and we will send you a quote for the same with the discount offered indicated. It is also important that when you write to Enter Guide you tell them you are staying at The Beach House Maracaipe. Send them an email to portodegalinhas@enter-guide.com with the words “BUGGY TOURS” or “CAR HIRE” in the subject heading.